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Twentieth-Century Spanish-American Novel Fall 2012, MWF 1-1:50PM Carpenter 221 Dr. José | Office: Carpenter MLD 211Office phone: 972-721-5354Office hours: MWF 2-3PM, and by appointment | Class description Whereas Latin American literary production in the nineteenth century sought to chart out a new course for national identity after independence(s) from Spain, twentieth-century literature struggled with a number of different issues. Was the integration of distinct ethnic populations really possible? What were the political and cultural consequences of economic modernization? How did political instability and the rise of dictatorships affect national identities? Beginning with a consideration of the unique cultural hybridity that is inherent to Latin American history, this class will situate five distinct novels within their historical, political, and artistic contexts. We will discuss literary and narrative techniques, from magical realism to the fragmented post-modern narrative. In doing so, we will examine the challenge to traditional (linear) approaches to history and the tenuous relationship between Western science and magic/superstition. In the case of novels written in the context of political oppression we will contemplate the intersection of politics, violence, and art and question the role (and limits) of literary and artistic production. In all cases we will analyze and discuss the relationship between the intra-textual (form and content) and the extra-textual (historical and social contexts) with the goal of better appreciating the distinctiveness of Latin American literary prose. Goals Through this course you will: * Improve your Spanish vocabulary, grammar, writing and speaking skills. * Gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Spanish American culture and history through

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