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Who do you think is one of the greatest poets in history? If you chose Carl Sandburg then you’re right. Carl Sandburg was an American poet historian, novelist, balladeer, and florist. H.L. Menken called Carl Sandburg insurability an American in every pulse beat. It has to be an honor to have people gives you that much respect when you’re not even fully American. He was a successful journalist, poet, historian, biographer, and auto biographer. During the course of his career Sandburg won two Pulitzer prizes, one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln. Carl Sandburg was smart when he took his entire obsession and made something good out of it. Much of his poetry, such as “Chicago”” was based on Chicago, IL, where he spent time as a reporter. His most famous description of the city is as “Hog Butcher for the world/ too Maker, stacker/ tool maker, stacker of wheat/player and the Nation fright handler/ stormy,…show more content…
In the 1920’s Sandburg began one of his most ambitious projects including his study of President Lincoln. Lincoln was an idle to Sandburg and Sandburg admired what he did. Sandburg’s early writings dealt with his belief in social Justice and equality and were written in such a way that they barely resembled what most people thought of as poetry. Sandburg’s early poetry not only tended toward unshaped imitation of real life but also copied other poets as well. Now to think that Sandburg Would steal work from other poets is outrageous, people just don’t know good poetry when they see it. Majority of Sandburg’s poetic works including “Chicago” was based on Chicago, Illinois. I Am ht People, the Mob” from Chicago poems is an example. The ending of the poem is similar to the style of Walt Whitman (1819-1892). Many of Sandburg’s best works came from the poem book “Chicago”. So it seems to be pretty obvious that Carl Sandburg was obsessed with President Lincoln and majority of his work was focused on
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