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Thesis Statement: Carl Sandburg Became A Book Writer By Creating Books That Withheld Pomes And Interesting Stories About His Life. Carl Sandburg Was a famous writer of his time. He wrote poems and books on various things he had found and seen through his average everyday life style. Carl didn’t start out this way though, he was raised in a cottage on the outskirts of a small town with seven other children. He was the second oldest of the group. When Carl was young he would go and find odd jobs that people would pay him to do. He had become so interested in reading that he saved up the money he had raised from working and spent it on written papers and books, but it was mostly whatever he could get his hands on. Soon he moved out. Spending his life on the open roads as a hobo, this wasn’t his dream but it worked for him. Later on in his life he learned folk songs which he performed in front of various audiences for any money he could get. Later that year he went back to his home town and entered Lombard College, and started supporting himself as a call fireman.Sandburg's college years shaped his literary talents and political views. While at Lombard, Sandburg joined the Poor Writers' Club, an informal literary organization whose members met to read and criticize poetry. Poor Writers' founder, Lombard professor Phillip Green Wright, a talented scholar and political liberal, encouraged the talented young Sandburg.Sandburg honed his writing skills and adopted the socialist views of his mentor before leaving school in his senior year. Sandburg sold stereoscope views and wrote poetry for two years before his first book of verse, In Reckless Ecstasy, was printed on Wright's basement press in 1904. Wright printed two more volumes for Sandburg. As the first decade of the century wore on, Sandburg grew increasingly concerned with the plight of the American worker. In 1907 he

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