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In both of the passages they’re learning, and understanding to help one succeed in the future. In Maggie Anderson’s writing she explains how a child can create something but will still need to learn more before this person could be successful in the future. Throughout Carl Rowan’s writing he constantly brought up the fact that the future is more important. One way Maggie Anderson showed that learning helps ones future was the way she described the child molding the clay. She explained it like the teacher was there over the child the whole time helping each step of the way so that the child’s ending product would turn out right. Another way the art teacher prepared the child’s future was by learning that when the cracked dog came out that…show more content…
While she inspires all those children with grammar and then encouraging them not to take into peer pressure as much, she helps them with there future. One example in Carl’s passage that shows that Miss Bessie helped the children learn and become better prepared for the future was in lines 7-19. In those lines Carl writes, ““But Miss Bessie,” I complained, “I ain’t much interested in it.” Her large brown eyes became daggerish slits. “Boy,” she said, “how dare you say “ain’t” to me! I’ve taught you better than that.” “Miss Bessie,” I pleaded, “I’m trying to make first-string end on he football team, and if I go around saying “it isn’t” and “they aren’t,” the guys are gonna laugh me off the squad.” “Boy,” she responded, “you’ll play football because you have guts? Refusing to lower your standards to those of the crowd. It takes guts to say you’ve got to live and be somebody fifty years after all the football games are over.” I started saying “it isn’t” and “they aren’t,” and I still made first-string end and class valedictorian without losing my buddies’ respect.” In those lines the boy was victim of peer pressure the teacher corrected the child’s language by telling him not to use the word ain’t. Another example is in lines 117-121 the child learned that Miss Bessie taught her more than other teachers ever will. She also taught her to handle things with love and…show more content…
It was around 1938 to 1942 that the story takes place in McMinnville Tennessee. This was back when blacks where still a little unaccepted by society and the great depression were also occurring at the time. Children starved because families couldn’t afford it, people looked to different words to use, and African Americans where the least educated. At the end of his writing it was about 1980 when Miss Bessie died at the age of 85. All together Maggie Anderson showed that children can make a mistake and still need to learn more to succeed in the future. In Carl Rowan’s writing he shows us ways of how people have learned from there mistakes as well to improve there future. In both passages they help one learn and understand how to improve there

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