Carl Rogers Essay

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Derek Mackey AHS 102 Final Exam Carl Rogers believes that empathy is that in order to go through the process of therapy that you have to have a very high degree of empathy. He also believes that empathy is a process. According to Carl Rogers this means entering the private perceptual world of a client and becoming comfortable in it, also moving around in his life. Meaning that you have to be sensitive, felling rage, fear, even the confusion he or she is feeling and not being judgmental. A therapist needs to be able to enter the private world of another and feel at home. It also includes communicating and being sensitive in the individual’s space as he or she uncovers things that they are fearful of. Having sensitivity you become confident companion in the individual’s world and that brings on trust. Using empathy the therapist aim is to encourage the client, to get closer to them selves, to feel more deeply and intensely, and to recognize and resolve the incongruity that exists within them. Empathetic understanding implies that the therapist will sense client’s feelings as if they were his or her own without becoming lost in those feelings. By moving freely in the world of the client the therapist has to be able to communicate to them an understanding what is already in side of them and known to them, also voice meanings of experience of which they might not know yet. It is important that to understand acts of empathy goes beyond recognition of obvious feelings to a sense of the less clearly experienced feelings of clients. It is a sense of personal identification with the client’s experience. It involves more than reflecting past experiences to the client, and it is more than an artificial technique that the therapist routinely uses. Empathy is not just objective knowledge, which is an evaluative understanding about the client from the outside; empathy is a

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