Carl Lee Hailey's Diary

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1. Assume the role of Jake Birgance or Atticus Finch. Write your journal entry dated the night before you give your closing arguments. What are your concerns? Fears? Hopes? Dear Diary, It’s the night before I give my closing argument, in the case of Carl Lee Hailey, and I’m so worried. This final statement that I give will decide whether a man gets the gas chamber or not. The life of a man, a man with children and a wife, rests in my hands, my unworthy, shaking hands. The prosecutor is trying to make Carl Lee Hailey out as though he is not human, without emotions and feelings, as though he is just another violent black Negro man. I hope and pray, I pray so hard, that the jurors will stop looking at this case like it’s a black man’s word against a whites. That they don’t see a violent Negro man that the prosecutor is trying so hard to make my Carl Lee look like, but what they do see is a man whose daughter no longer has a normal life ahead of her. She has been brutally bashed. Raped by two separate men, one straight after the other, destroying her chance of ever bearing children of her own. Urinated on. Yelled at and called every derogatory name in the human vocabulary. Used as a…show more content…
I will put them in his mindset. Make them feel as though it was their own daughter who had been put through this horrific ordeal. I will change their minds about racial prejudice by asking them one simple question. What would your verdict be, if the little girl who was raped and her father who was trying to protect her were white? This is all on the advice of Carl Lee Hailey asking me “What would it take to convince you, to set me free?” and these are the words that will set Carl Lee Hailey
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