Caring for Your Parents Essay

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Caring for your parents upon udulthood “A father's goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother's goodness is deeper than the sea.” quotes the infamous Japanese proverb. It is significantly true that the responsibility of being a parent is one of the most demanding jobs on planet Earth. Parents were likely to face challenges and problems in every stage of their child’s growth. From babies to adolescents, parents were deemed to sacrifice their energy, time nor freedom to raise, educate, and most importantly shape the future generation towards a better mankind. Sadly, as the world is marching towards prosperity with architecture marvels blooming like shitake mushrooms, the morale of the younger generation is placed on a declining graph. With each passing day, more and more children were neglecting and abandoning their old ones. In current decades, the old folks and nursing homes were always overcrowded as they were regarded as a ‘safe haven’ by irresponsible kids who refused to serve their begetter. Others who were less fortunate would be left on the streets to beg for a living without the slightest care from their sons. When this issue were pointed out to the perpetrators, the answers would always come out the same. “I am too busy working”. “I do not know how to serve them“. “My father is disabled”. For those who came out with such posh reasons, I would like to test your conscience and inner voices. Was this how they took care of you when you were young? Did they deserve to get treated in such an outcasted way during their final years? If your answers to those questions are NO, then there is practically no reason for you not to be taking care of your parents once they reach senior citizenship. If you were to have any doubts in your mind, try fitting yourself in their shoes. Imagine yourself not being able to receive

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