Caring for Older People P2 Essay

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Caring for Older People - P2 There is a lot of factors that influence health and wellbeing and one of the factors is socio-economic. Factors like social and financial can establish where people can afford to take an active part in society. Older people are advised by Age UK about making the most of their life. Age UK suggest that getting out and meeting new people which is a positive activity that every older person should do. On the other hand taking part in physical activities like sports does usually require spending money which is really difficult for older people with low incomes. Living conditions differ for older people. According to the Office of National Statistics, most older people own their own home but this means that there maintenance bills are very high-priced. While your age increases adaptations to your home will have to be made so you can continue living there such as, handrails for the bathroom and button alarms which are the most frequently fitted aids for older people. A lifestyle for an older person will depend on their income. Older people that have enough money to afford to go on holidays and do activities such as, eating at a restaurant, going to see a movie and going to the theatre , but not all old people can afford to do all those things. People who are aged 80 can hardly afford to do one social activity per year, but money is not always the case, they might not have somebody to do the activities with or it can be a combination of both reasons. According to the English longitudinal study of aging (ELSA) Social isolation, bereavement and contact with family and friends can also influence the health and wellbeing of an older person. Financial issues determine if an older person can take part in social activities. There is a massive gap on the income between rich people and poor people in Britain. The improvements in health care has

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