Caring and Diversity Essay

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138 Caring and Diversity Module Learning Disabilities I have chosen to write about the importance of relationships between people with learning disabilities as I believe this to be crucial to development, both learning everyday skills such as literature and math skills and also social development. I will be writing from the point of holistic care of the service user. Relationships and emotional support is a key concept when working with people who have learning disabilities, and with a holistic view I believe much more can be achieved with the right emotional support. Gates (1997) points out the in the past personal and sexual relationships between people with learning disabilities has been frowned upon and denied due to the belief of these group of people being socially incompetent but he also points out this could be said the same for people who are deaf of blind or people who have mental health issues or lastly just non conformists. We all know that social relationships are healthy and important to the majority of people, bringing companionship and happiness to those involved and so why cannot this be the same for people with learning disabilities. Brechin and Walmsley (1987) point out there is a powerful argument in suppressing close relationships amongst people with learning disabilities because they may lead to a sexual relationship, which a relationship like this takes a degree of maturity and responsibility which is beyond these people. This attitude is changing.’ Whittemore and Koegel (1978) observe that leading as normal a life as possible must result in acceptance of the tenet that healthy social and sexual relationship are basic to a person’s adaptation to community life.’ Brechin and Walmsley (1987) also point out that there has been studies showing the importance in building self esteem providing companionship and enabling couples to be more

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