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Caring is devotion. Caring is friendship. Caring is genuineness. Caring is loving and kind. Caring is sympathy and empathy. Caring is tender, warm. Caring is complexly simple and simply complex. While “caring” encompasses a wide variety of things, and can take on many different forms, there is one aspect of it that, no matter what configuration it has assumed, is invariable: it is always there, present in all that surrounds us and everything we do. Caring is the axis around which each of our individual worlds revolve. It is the first step toward and motivating factor behind our actions, it drives us to achieve the greatest feats, and it serves as the basis for all of our positive interactions and relations with others. Friedrich Von Hugel’s last words were not uttered in vain, but rather spoken in absolute truth. Caring is the most important thing. Why do we do the things we do? This question appears to have the potential to elicit more than one answer. However, at the most basic and definite level, it can be resolved in two words: we care. Whether it is direct or indirect, emotional investment is what compels us to make certain choices and take certain actions. All that we do correlates in some way to our level of interest in that particular thing or decision. An everyday example, students allotting large amounts of time and effort to their schoolwork aren’t usually doing so because it’s particularly enjoyable - they do it because they are fueled by their desires to be successful in school now as well as in the future, because they care. This is also demonstrated by American troops, who risk their lives on the battlefield, sacrifice time with their families, and give up the comforts of everyday living because they either care about protecting their country, following suit in a family tradition, or having a productive and meaningful life characterized by regiment,

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