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Anguilla Location: Anguilla is located in the British West Indies approximately 6 miles from St Martin in the eastern Caribbean. Anguilla is the northern most of the leeward island islands in the Lesser Antilles. Population: Anguilla population is approximately 15000. Geographical Size: sixteen miles (25 Km) long and 1 to 3 miles wide in size 35 square miles (91 square Kilometers) in size. People: The majority of population of Anguilla is of African descent. English is the official language. Most of the population is Christian, and the main religious denominations are Anglican and Methodist. The island has experienced steady population in growth and Anguillans live relatively long lives. Table of content Population……………………pg Geographical size………….pg People living there……… Type of government………pg Climate……………………….pg SimmoneNoralez EJC Caribbean Studies Anguilla Economy of Anguilla: Anguilla has few natural resources, and the economy depends heavily on luxury tourism, offshore banking, lobster fishing, and remittances from emigrants. The economy, and especially the tourism sector, suffered a setback in late 1995 due to the effects of Hurricane Luis in September but recovered in 1996. Increased activity in the tourism industry, which has spurred the growth of the construction sector, has contributed to economic growth. Anguillan officials have put substantial effort into developing the offshore financial sector, which is small, but growing. A comprehensive package of financial services legislation was enacted in late 1994. In the medium term, prospects for the economy will depend largely on the tourism sector and, therefore, on revived income growth in the industrialized nations as well as on favorable weather conditions. Anguilla's economy fell with the fastest speed in the world due to

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