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During the past 3 decades Caribbean music and Caribbean festivals have gained widespread acceptance internationally. Analyse the nature of this impact on the Caribbean. Globally, the Caribbean region, though geographically small, is well known for its diverse and unique culture. It is fair to say that Caribbean culture, namely song and music and Caribbean festivals are becoming increasingly popular on the international front. In the past there was a heavy importation of European and American culture into the Caribbean. Though these Eurocentric and American ideas have helped, in many ways to shape Caribbean culture, there is now a reverse of roles in which Caribbean culture in its various forms are being exported worldwide. People’s ideas about the Caribbean as a whole have changed as they now accept Caribbean culture and are in awe of its uniqueness and vibrancy. The impact of Caribbean culture on the wider world has had its effects, both good and bad, on the Caribbean region. The media has helped in the promotion of Caribbean culture internationally. Becoming increasingly popular are the genres of music such as reggae, soca, calypso and dancehall. Many countries broadcast radio stations dedicated solely to one or more of these genres of music. Musical ambassadors like the late Bob Marley, Machel Montano and Sean Paul have also helped to promote Caribbean musical culture worldwide with their annual international tours and concerts which attract huge crowds of not only Caribbean migrants who grew up around and are familiar with the culture but foreigners who have accepted the culture wholeheartedly. The increases in International Record labels signing Caribbean artistes. Many foreigners who have accepted the musical culture venture to the Caribbean countries especially during the country’s carnival period to enjoy and witness performances by these local

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