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Course: Caribbean Culture II Name: Tiola Submission date: March 15th, 2003 “One good thing about music when it hits you feel no pain, so hit me with music”- Bob Marley. The power of the music in the Caribbean has become world renowned for its rhythm, conscious message and many other soulful aspect that only the listener can explain. From the work songs that our ancestors used to past time in the fields to our Grammy recipients, the music of the Caribbean has come a far way. The music of the region was and is still used to tell stories, whether it is of tragedy, love, war or just social commentary. Its development can be credited to several individuals and even groups in society. I will examine Jamaica’s musical development and the other territories over the years. The Chinese community in Jamaica played a very important role in the development of Jamaican popular music during its formative years. Their role was primarily as producers, and notable among these were Charlie Moo, Ivan Chin from the Mento era, Byron Lee, the Soca calypso king, Justin Yap, and Leslie Kong, who as a producer has the distinction of recording the debut songs of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and John Holt. The most important contribution made by a Chinese-Jamaican was by Vincent 'Randy' Chin, who in later years went on to establish the now world-famous VP Records in New York. In the past few years there have been several studies and reports done by local, regional and international scholars and economic development experts and agencies, including more than one United Nations agency, all of which point to Jamaica's music and entertainment as the best solution for economic growth, export expansion, youth employment creation and reduction of poverty. This shows that the music has come a far way. It has evolved into an untapped resource for Jamaica and Jamaicans. Marjorie Whylie, spoke

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