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! In the poem “Cargoes” by John Massefield the author uses three stanzas to express his view on modern commercial life. In each one of the stanzas, his opinion is obviously a negative one. This can easily be seen through his intentional use of imagery. He uses value, color, and objects to get his point across. ! These stanzas each have three main ideas when it comes to imagery. The first is value. In each of these he describes a period of time by using different types of ships. Its easily noticed that the type of ship and its description represent how respectful he believes each time period to be. Stanzas one and two both have descriptions of massive, grand ships with a noble purpose. These are used to compare with the last ship, the “dirty” British coaster. For example the first two ships are coming from far journeys. The quinquireme is from the fabled land of gold while the other arrives from the isthmus of tropical Panama. The British coaster however is not so far from home in the English Channel, depicting a far shorter and unchallenging trip. Also the way each ship makes it home is important. Ship one rows home in relief from its expedition. Ship two dips through the beautiful tropics. Ship three butts through the channel suggesting that its a nuisance and only goes from one point to the next with no greater purpose. ! The objects brought onto the ships also contribute to Massefiledʼs opinions. Items brought by the quinquireme and galleon have items that were greatly desired for their entertainment, medical use, smells, looks, and tastes.For instance sandalwood has a real long lasting fragrance, cinnamon is a sweet spice, and ivory was used greatly for many ornamental and practical uses. These were to be enjoyed but whoever would receive them. Buildings supplies such as road-rails, iron-ware, and pig-lead were all that were taken by the coaster. These were only used

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