Careworker Essay

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Summary of my Job Role as a Team Leader On coming on duty we get a handover from the previous shifts teamleader then i set the staff there jobs for the day allocating them residents of which they have t o monitor there fluid & food intake. One of my jobs that i,ve been allocated by my manager is to make sure the residents are getting bathed so i made a list of all day staff & allocated them residents who they are key workers for i then check the bathlist & ask whomever is on with me to make sure they have bathed there residents that week. One of my main duties as a team leader is to give the residents there medication,phone doctors or district nurses when needed & make sure all the residents are kept safe & healthy. If somone phones in sick on my shift it is my responsibility to get the rota covered. In a morning i go around & make sure residents bedrooms have been left neat & tidy,& help the staff to keep the laundry up to date. On an afternoon we are responsible for making the residents tea putting laundry away & generaly checking the health & wellbeing of our residents staff have to fill in health & wellbeing forms on the residents theyve been deligated before the end of shift so i can do my handover report for the next shift coming on duty,ialso have to let them know if doctors have been fill out outside agen cy forms make sure incident report forms or behaviour forms have been filled out where needed,and tell the next shift of any jobs that need
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