Carer Assisstant Essay

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Outcome 1 Understand the application of person centred approaches in Health and social care The learner can: 1. explain how and why person-centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care work Person-centred values is having to put the person at the centre of all aspects of health and social care by letting them be in control of how their support should be given and making their own choices. This is done through the Practical and Physical support such as washing, getting dressed, toileting, making meals and at the same time putting the individual first and doing what best suits them and not me. If it’s the service user’s wash day and she changed her mind and wants a shower, I cannot just say no to them, they have a right to change their mind. It is what they want not what is easier for me. Helping them with their Emotional Support by being there to listen to whatever emotions they are dealing with. It could be they have lost their only loved one which happens quite often and they happen to break down and have a little cry whilst I’m there. I’m the only one to give them a shoulder to cry on, I can’t just carry on with my daily tasks. I would have to let them tell me how they feel and offer my sympathy and understanding. By providing them that Social Support so they can interact with other people and keeping contact with any friends or family, for them not to feel lonely and isolated. Even if they don’t have relatives it is good to arrange outings for them like bingo nights, coffee mornings, shopping any activities where they can socialise with others to keep them going in life. Intellectual/cognitive support also has an impact on a person’s-centred value such as one of my service user wanted help with their puzzle so I sat with her and assisted her to put a few pieces together, she was ever so grateful. For instance talking to them

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