Caregiving In Jim Calhoun's Lessons From The Ancients

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Caregiving The Workforce Fertility rates head south, says census A survey of about 100,000 addresses finds the percentage of families with their own child living at home is 46%, down from 52% in 1950. F After caring for five, a caregiver looks at the humorous side Jim Calhoun has helped to care for five ill family members, and he’s captured his experiences in a new book, “Lessons from the Ancients: A Humorously Helpful Guide for Caregiving.” H e got the inspiration for writing it while on vacation – not a still small voice but a booming one – telling him that what he and his mom had learned over the years might be of use to others. Then the challenge, he says, was to write fast enough to keep up with all the information in…show more content…
45 Older Workers Six in ten over 60 are postponing retirement One group of workers faces particularly tough decisions regarding their future; 60% of those over sixty say they will be postponing retirement. Boomers are now the boomerang children A At 39, Jennifer Bliss had lost her job and burned through her retirement funds. She gave the bank the keys to the home she was unable to sell and moved in with her mother. A lawyer, Bliss has sent out some 600 resumes nationwide. “This has been awful,” she says. “I went to law school to have a solid profession so I wouldn’t wind up in a situation like this.” Bliss CareerBuilder survey of more than 8,000 workers found nearly a fourth saying they may be able to make their retirement money back in a year or two; 73% believe it will take them up to six years of extra work to recoup their lost savings. CareerBuilder’s Jason Ferrara says that while they’ll face the same challenges as their young colleagues, many will be better off, since their knowledge and experience will work to their advantage. Slim comfort to the one in ten who say they’ll never be able to retire. In related news, a Fidelity Investment 8 WFC Resources

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