Careers in Sport Essay

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1. Personal Trainer: Help people to become fitter, healthy and happier in life. They make them do the toughest things on the planet to get their goal and to be on TV and everything they have to work on to get to be the best that they can. 2. Sports Scientist: Help you to become a better person in sport and also help to manage weight-loss and carry out a max test and to improve your performance. 3. Physiotherapist: They help treat people of all ages with physical problems caused by an illness or accident and due to a person ageing. It is a healthcare profession. They care for everything and also the elderly. If someone in the sport is hurt practicing or during it they will be there to help them to make a quicker recovery because you could get a very bad injury doing any kind of sport. They will be there to make sure they have the right treatment for that person’s injury. 4. Engineer: They are designing and building new equipment for the wheelchair racing etc. They measure all the equipment to play with to make sure it is right for the team or that person. They also take care of the team the environment around so it is safe to play and to be good and healthy to the world. 5. Dietician: The number one goal of a sports dietician is to identify the best eating and drinking strategies to meet an individual’s schedule and training/competition needs, showing the correct foods to eat that will provide you with the greatest amount of energy and nutrition. Ultimately the aim of the sports dietician is maximize performance. The achieve this, the main specific areas that a dietician can make a difference are the following: • General health and immunity • Energy levels • Concentration • Growth and body composition •

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