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This is my future. I would live in Baraga, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. I always wanted to live in the U.P! When I was young, we would go on vacation in the U.P, every other year. We would go all the way to Copper Harbor. We did a lot of camping, fishing, rock hounding and site seeing. We went to all the old mines that are there and went on the mine tours. Other than living somewhere in the Keewanaw Peninsula, I always wanted to live in Baraga. I chose Baraga, because it is closer to Marquette. Marquette has more job opportunities and things to do, like a theatre and bowling ally, malls and grocery stores. The property, that I would own, would be heavily wooded and have a fishing pond. I would build myself a log cabin, with a loft. I would have a large kitchen and the living room would be huge. I would like a bigger living room so I could have friends and family come up to stay and have plenty of room for them to be comfortable. The floor would be made of all hardwood from the property and I would have an old wood stove. I would build a wrap around porch, to sit out and watch the deer and wildlife on. I would have an attached cabin style garage. I would have a used Chevy pick up truck and a sports car. I would have a pole barn, to keep all my toys in. Such as, a truck camper, a fishing boat, a 4-wheeler and a snowmobile. I would also have a fireplace in the pole barn, so that I can work on my toys, if I need to. I would not be married yet and I would not have any kids. I would do a lot of hunting. I would hunt bear, deer, and small game. I would like to learn to do taxidermy, so that I could mount my harvests in my home. I would also do a lot of fishing, in the big lakes and my pond. I would be a member of a conservation club. One that goes out on hunts and has shooting competitions. I would like to be part of an antique car club, like Rivervalley Car

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