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(Personal Adress) (City you live in &zipcode) (personal phone number) February 19, 2013 Karen Jenkins Office Director South Dakota State Government 405 6th St Sioux city, IA 51101 I stumbled upon job search website called, “indeed,” and came across your job opening for an Administrative Assistant / Receptionist. The website mentioned welcoming visitors by greeting them with an empathetic and professional aptitude. Another description of the job said, “Answering a multi-line phone system by using proper grammar, and phone etiquette.” Also, “Forwarding sales information and maintaining security while providing support to all departments with a strong ability to multi-task.” I am very interested in your open, full-time, day shift administrative assistant / receptionist position. During my freshman year high school, I assisted the office workers with their jobs for 88 minutes, every day, for nine weeks. While working in there, I had to greet visitors in the Main Office, also answer an office phone and connect callers with staffs' extension lines. I also needed to run errands to numerous staff members and fill staff mailboxes each morning. For me, it was the first experience I got to show the ability to interact successfully with several types of people. Also, I got to put my skills to use. I worked at an Angels for Animals Shelter during the summer of 2012. When cleaning and attending to the cats in several rooms, people could walk in as I was doing my job. Due to this, I was required to introduce the visitors to the cats and kittens. Also, I was told to give visitors as much information as possible about each cat they wanted to get to know. There, I learned how to socialize and greatly communicate with strangers and help them. I feel that my volunteer work, office experiences, and skills can help fulfill the needs of this job. I am very interested in

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