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Jabril L. Clay Career Report Mrs. Campbell My career report is over becoming a software development and database specialist. I chose this career path because of what you use when doing it. A computer, I love messing and just being on computers. I have always wanted to be able to use code and different programs to control a computer. This is the job my mentor also has, he works at the Tinker Federal Credit Union. What we basically do is work code and uses various databases and program them using the code to find out information that you need to know. This job also starts out with pretty nice pay. To be able to work this job effectively you will need to be familiar with a variety of programs. A couple is the basics like Microsoft Word. Another would be Microsoft Excel because you will be using spreadsheets a lot. More complex programs would be a program called Symitar or Epsys. Those two programs are specially designed for Tinker Federal Credit union and you would learn how to use those in training. I already am familiar with those programs because I am an intern at the Tinker Federal Credit union John Marshall Branch. So therefore I have already been trained in these programs. Another program you will need to be familiar with is the SQL Server. Another program that the Tinker Federal Credit Union uses. You will also need to be proficient in math and computer technology for when you have to compile reports. Requirements of this position include: In-depth knowledge of systems development methodologies, database systems and development techniques; Strong problem solving and analysis skills; Excellent written and verbal communication skills; Ability to multi–task & support multiple priorities / multiple deliverables; Participate and contribute to ad-hoc development projects as they arise; Contribute to the maintenance and enhancements of our back end processing

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