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Career Plan

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Career Plan Building Activity ― Work Culture Preferences
BCOM 275

How can knowing your ideal work culture help you in determining appropriate channels for communication?
Work culture is the cohesiveness that connects employees within an organization.   A positive work culture generates the foundation of its success.   Since work cultures differ between organizations, it is important to know how to communicate and maintain effectiveness.   Organizations differ in personality and style, and can influence how employees work with each other; and how decisions are made.  
Employees communicate everyday by phone, email messaging, meetings, text messaging, and presentations.   In the workforce, employees can spend most of their day communicating; which is why good communication skills are essential.
If the work culture basically communicate by email messaging and phone calls, it is important to develop good listening and writing skills.   One of the first steps to being an active listener involves cultivating an interest in both the speaker and the message.   These skills can be accomplished at work by:
  1. Be attentive and remained focused on person speaking.   Do not be self-centered, and also give co-workers your undivided attention.
  2. Be opportunistic. Listeners who are opportunistic view listening at work as a chance to solve problems, strengthen interpersonal ties, encourage creativity, and facilitate networking.
  3. Give and receive feedback.   It is essential to promote understanding between a sender and a receiver.   Promoting understanding can occur in a variety of forms. For example, it can occur between a person in a supervisory capacity, or a subordinate (Cheesebro, O’Connor, & Rios, 2010, p. 115).
  * What do your results tell you about how you communicate?
It tells me that I have confidence because the results shows strong people skills.   Confidence is an attraction to others.   It produces good teamwork;...

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