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Career Pathway I see my career pathway as gaining the right qualifications and skills to fulfil my desire and passion to work with those who have mental health problems, I also have an interest in those with dementia, and feel the need to learn more about this as it has such a big affect on people I see from day to day in my work.I plan to learn as much as I can while doing my nvq2 but also learn from working as being a care and support worker. I will observe and gain the skills that will help me in the future to get the job I wont and also no that to this I will need to do research into the topics I desire to learn more about such as mental health and dementia.Such as reading books, research on the web, and also throught training and coarses. I will certainly take up the opportunity to do any volunteer work in this sector. I have already emailed an eating disorder unit I have found information on called The Halden expressing that I would like to volunteer. I plan to find more organisations that offer the change to volunteer, I find this would be a great step in my career and it would help me find the knowledge and learn first hand at the diffulculties people with dementia and mental health problems face such as drink, drugs, depression, and learn what can be done to prevent these. In five years time I see myself with the right qualifications to be working in a hospital helping those with problems with mental health and

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