Career of a Parole Officer Essay

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Before I begin discussing the job opportunities and functions of a probations, parole, or correctional treatment specialists, I would like to familiarize you with an understanding of what probation and parole are. Many people who are convicted of crimes are placed on probation, instead of being sent to prison. In fact in the United States probation is the most common form of criminal sentencing. Probation is a diversionary correctional program were convicted offenders serves their sentence while under supervision in the community. This supervision is conducted by a probation’s officer. Parole, on the other hand, is the supervised early release of a convicted offender from prison before the convicted offender has fully served his or her sentence. Compared to probation, where a criminal convict is not required to serve any time in jail, parolees have already been incarcerated. In most states, a parole board decides if an incarcerated offender is eligible for a conditional release. When convicted offenders are released on parole their supervision is placed in the hands of parole officers. During probation and parole criminal offenders must stay out of trouble and meet other requirements. A career as a probation, parole, and community corrections officer will allow you to work with and monitor criminal offenders to prevent them from committing new crimes. As a probation/parole officers and community corrections officer you will supervise people who have been placed on probation. You will work to ensure that the offender is not a danger to the community and to help in their rehabilitation. Probation officers write reports that detail each offender’s treatment plans and their progress since they were put on probation. A pretrial services officers investigate an offender’s background to determine if that offender can be safely allowed back into the community before

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