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Ashley EDU 100-054 January 20, 2010 Letter to Self Teaching is a gift. The definition of a teacher is to define the indescribable. A teacher can be a mentor, a guide, a friend, an informer, a disciplinarian, and most important a supplier of imagination and inspiration. They allow students to fail and learn from their own mistakes. Teachers are the ones who shape our future and by being a teacher I could help that happen. I myself know I want to be a teacher, because I believe I am a product of the best teacher I ever had. Growing up in Gibsonburg my senior year I had a government class taught by my favorite teacher Mr. Sam Weigman. He was a very interesting teacher. To describe him he was strict, confident, intelligent, organized, funny, task oriented, very devoted, helpful, inspirational, understanding, and honest. He taught me valuable life lessons even though he was a government teacher the days that were supposed to be free days, he would give us “life lessons”. Since we were seniors he wanted to prepare for what was next. This showed he was caring and wanted the best for us and to succeed. I could only hope there was at least one if not all the teachers in every school like him. Not only was he my best teacher there were few others I had in college that have inspired me in my life, they all are the ones who also helped me in my quest to decide to become a teacher. Teaching can mean many different things to different people. Whether it is for some people just a job go in and to teach the material and call it a day. For me it would be much more than that. I would not only want to give my students the necessary information and knowledge they need to succeed but my passion as a teacher. I would want to be involved in the students’ lives. My goal would be to help my students feel good about themselves and help them fulfill their

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