Career Journal of a Potential Psychologist

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The Career Journey of a Potential Psychologist: What does it take? Name University of the Virgin Islands Psychology can be seen as “the study of mind and behavior in relation to a particular field of knowledge or activity” (Merrian-Webster, 2011). The study of Psychology can be seen as essential in the career arena seeing that it focuses on the observation of human thoughts and behavior patterns with in society. Psychology is a remarkably diverse subject which is why there are many branches of psychology, from Industrial Psychology to Educational Psychology (Types of Psychology , 2011) . While psychological knowledge is regularly refer to the evaluation and treatment of mental health issues, it is also applies to comprehending and solving problems in various spheres of human activity. There are many reasons why one gets involved with Psychology and pursue a career within that discipline, it could stem from their interest of the human brain, lucrative opportunities or just for the main purpose that it is interlaced within a next subject of interest. Psychology specifically the study of Industrial/ Organizational Psychology in my opinion go hand in hand with the study of Human Resource Management which is my true passion. The Human Resource department of any business is seen as the brain of the company no matter how great or small the business is. The Human Resource department is in charge of the payroll, hiring firing and deploying of workers while keeping up to date with federal tax and labor codes. It could be that element of working alongside people in a day to day office setting or the strategic and comprehensive approach of managing people in the work place environment that has caused such an interest of the subject to resound so strongly within to support my decision of making a career from it but whatever the reason my main career choice is in the
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