Career Interest Profiler Essay

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Competencies and Career Interest Profiler BCOM 275 September 13, 2013 Competencies and Career Interest Profiler As we use the term in “critical thinking” is not synonymous with “good thinking,” “hard thinking,” “clear thinking,” “constructing arguments,” “problem solving,” or “thinking outside the box.” Critical thinking kicks in after you have done these and other kinds of thinking. It’s what you do when you think about thinking, specifically, when you evaluate the thinking you or someone else uses in arriving at a conclusion about something (Brooke Noel Moore, 2012). Understanding our competencies is a good added value to analyze the areas of home life and our professional life to understand our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and areas we require training (SWOT). Having an idea of the strengths brought out by certain tasks and review the current situation helps us be a better critical thinker to get to a good resolution. Reviewing the competencies and career profiler results some areas were hard to believe than others. I was surprised at some of the areas it profiled for me. Never would guess that some of the career was a match to me. These are some of the parts or departments of my professional life that I really did not take an interest. The other career profile matches based on my competencies results are in fields that have been explored or have experience. The current professional assignment is development of subordinates in areas of communication, listening, responding and critical thinking. Being able to understand the your personal SWOT allows the critical thinker interject his reason to coming to the set
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