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To: Drs. Jim Camberato and John Graveel From: Zach Ferguson Date: 8/29/13 Subject: Educational Reflections and Career Goals I knew I wanted to go to Purdue coming out of high school. That was certain, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I entered the College of Education as a history major with the intention to become an American History teacher. I soon found out that the market for teachers is extremely poor in Indiana. So I took a class, GS119, that overviewed every department and major Purdue had to offer. Dr. Cale Bigelow came in and spoke about turf and I found a home. It was perfect for me, an excellent job placement reputation, the chance to work outside on athletic fields, and in packed stadiums. I switched the following semester and it didn’t take long for me to realize how great the College of Ag at Purdue is. I have been extremely goal oriented since then to find internships that will help me find a job upon graduation. I had an idea of what area I wanted to work in but I knew I should experience different areas to broaden my experience. I took internships on golf courses, pro athletic fields, and colleges(working with multiple types of fields). After first hearing Dr. Bigelow speak I thought I wanted to work my way up to the NFL. This became a dream to be apart of something I was very passionate about. Although, after talking to Ross Kurcab of The Denver Broncos, working in the NFL is not all it is cracked up to me. He told me about his struggles with family life and the 24/7 stresses of dealing with such a publicized field. I also never felt passionate enough about golf to want to work on the same course day after day. After an internship with The University of Colorado and multiple years of work on Purdue’s athletic fields, I know now I would like to work in college athletics. I would have the opportunity to work with multiple fields

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