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What My Career Goals Are: I plan to graduate from Lane College with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and then head on to Vanderbilt University School of Business Administration, where I plan to receive an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). My plan is to then secure a job with Cosmopolitan Magazine or any other fashion magazine as a business analyst. I figured that a couple of years should be enough to study the field of style, marketing business, and corporate affairs. This will hopefully give me the kind of exposure and skills needed to venture into my own business. My career goals are within the broad spectrum of fashion and entertainment. Specifically though, I am determined to invest in my own business outfit which will be a boutique with the name VAA leather and lace. My mission at VAA leather and lace boutique will be to reveal the class and confidence in every woman. I will be committed to creating a customized fashion environment that gives my clientele the uniqueness they desire. My vision for the business will be driven by passion and purpose and inspired by the elegance of lace. I intend to provide my customers with superior services, educational staff, and quality products. Moreover, the other career goal I intend to have is starting the Perry’s Basketball Camp for underprivileged kids. This will be an organization that focuses on kids from unstable homes. The focus will be to train them in basketball. This will be a time for them to escape from their uncomfortable and dangerous environment and have them channel their energy into positive outlets. They will participate in other youth camps for the title of Youth Team of The Year. This will help them gain a sense of team work, and a sense of comradeship. In all these are my ambitions and my life goals. I work hard in every course I enroll in because I see hard work, determination,

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