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Career Goal Prompt My career goal choice is to be an a manager of a construction company to be more precise, I want to become a General Contractor. I chose this career because it makes me happy, and has made my happy my whole life. Ever since I was a little boy building things was my life long dream. I loved building fences or putting up a deck. Being outside always made me happy because I love the fresh air and I love being in the sun and getting my hands dirty. To begin with, becoming a general contractor has always been a life long dream. I have loved it since I was a small child. Once I entered high school and had the opportunity to begin learning about the construction field of engineering and design. I immediately jumped on this train and signed up for the classes that I knew would help me become educated in the construction industry. High school has been a real eye opener for me because it has made me realize the capabilities that an education offers people. I have also realized that the construction industry is a very wealthy industry to go into. It has many perks, such as good unions, eat pay, and health care. In addition, I plan on finishing out my high school years with many classes on industrial technology including three years of CAD or Computer Aided Drafting, one and a half years in Construction/woodworking, four years of math, 3 years of science, and one half year of house wiring. I hope to then pursue higher education at Illinois State University majoring in Industrial Technology. From then on I will begin working for an industrial company of some start and get some hands on experience under my belt from there. I find that a good education is the main building blocks of any good worker. With out a good education for your field of expertise and a good amount of hands on work then the work completed by the worker is not as good as
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