Career Fact Sheet: Pediatrician

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Career Fact Sheet: Pediatrician Job Description: Pediatricians are medical doctors who are into treating children. They can work with children from birth to adolescent. They work to treat their illnesses and ensure that they are in good health. Though patient care is a big part of this job, there are many other responsibilities involved with this position. Pediatricians work to understand the needs of their patients. They examine their patients every day to understand their health or what is ailing them. This is a specialized field where the patient can’t speak for themselves most of the time, so the pediatrician has to work with the parents and develop an appropriate assessment and diagnosis. They often do research to understand how to help their patients. This is an important part of the job because the patients can’t often convey all of their symptoms. They do lab work, tests, or any number of blood tests to work towards a proper diagnosis. They administer immunizations and provide extensive care if necessary. Pediatricians are also responsible for a certain amount of administrative responsibilities too. They must handle all paperwork for the visits that they have with their patients. They must work to ensure that proper prescriptions are given, and then handle all of the charting that goes with each patient.. Potential Employers: Potential employers in Canada could be at any hospital with a Pediatric’s Ward. There are many of hospitals in Canada, making it a wide variety of possible places to apply for employment. You can also find employment at medical school as instructors. Educational & Training Requirements: The first step in the educational requirements for a pediatrician is to get a bachelor’s degree, but this is only the beginning. Then they must graduate from medical school as part of their educational requirement. Since this is a

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