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Career Exploration Project Paper When I first started school as a kid, I always thought that school would just be a place to have fun. I never thought that school could be so important. Throughout my years of my childhood school days, I’ve just been learning how to have fun until a couple grades later between 2nd-3rd grade, me and my classmates started learning things that didn’t much matter to me back then. Later on during those class days, I’ve figured out that I and my classmates have been learning something that is called “Math”. I guess it was cool that we started to learn something different. It was nice to know that there was something that could be taught to people like me and my classmates. As I continued to learn how math started to work. I learned more and more about the functions and tools that it uses. I began to grow a passion for math and numbers. Math started to become my strongest subject. I knew there was a reason why I had been taught this kind of skill. I started to think that this was the beginning of my career. My personality strength’s towards this career was how I began to do plenty of Math. I grew a passion for it and it was just one of the most passionate things that I’ve figured out that I have in my life. I love solving problems and equations. I compare Math in the educational world a situation on my personal situations. There’s always a problem that has a solution or that can be fixed. There is always an answer for everything. Since my passion for math has grown in the past couple of years, I’ve decided to make it my career goal. My passion for math isn’t the only reason why I want to make it my career, but also my cousin is in an accounting business. So I started to choose my career path ahead to become an accountant. I started to research of what accounting would be like and I’ve figured out that it definitely had a lot to do

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