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Career Exploration MGT/521 May 30, 2014 Career Exploration This course allowed me to understand how important my career plan is and gave me many tools to reach my career goals. The career exploration tool is a great tool that identified several key points that can help reach short-term and long-term career goals. It helps develop a realistic goal and the objectives needed to strategies a game plan. From building a strong resume, a cover letter, and getting the job desired it is important to make sure that one is prepared for the different challenges they will face. Each company has an expectation, and it is up to us to be prepared to meet those expectations. We have to learn to research the company, build our resume around the company’s requirements, and practice the interview process if we want to be a good candidate for the company. We cannot be afraid to ask the company what is their five to ten-year goals and be prepared to let them know how you can help them reach those goals. The career exploration provided me with the guidelines needed when making a decision about my career plans and work goals. It is important to strengthening the skills we are good at and become experts in a subject or areas that matters. By doing so, we can demonstrate the value we can bring to a company. Building a strong professional network is also important because it can help open a door to opportunities. Do not be afraid to build relationships with your peers and superiors because they can help you move up in the ladder. This course opens my eyes to the amount of opportunities I have available to me to become successful in this world. I am confident that finding a career in a company that I will be happy in will not be a problem. One of my main focuses will be to learn about the culture and plans of my current job. I have to ask myself if that is the company I want to

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