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Dear Mrs. Rowland, After I graduate high school, I intend to attend a community college. The community college I would like to go to would be Folsom Lake College. I would go there for a few years, and then transfer in to a 4-year university. The 4-year university I would like to attend would be San Luis Obispo. While in college, I hope to earn a bachelor’s degree. I also hope to graduate somewhere near the top of the class. After leaving college, I hope to work for California State as an engineer. I am interested in becoming an engineer because it is interesting and the job will always be needed because people are always building and expanding. The job pays well and the pay is steady. My dad did this job for a living and it was good due to the reasons above.…show more content…
However, I plan to know about engineering in the near future. I plan to take courses to familiarize myself with my future career. After attending San Luis Obispo and receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Science, I hope to become a successful engineer working for the state of California. I hope to work as a civil engineer for most of my years working for the state. With this goal in mind, I will have to work hard and study in order to become the engineer I wish to be. While trying to fulfill my goal, I will become more independent due to the fact that I will be living away from home with its convenience and I had a car

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