Career Development Plan Part I - Job Analysis And Selection

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As the result of InterClean’s recent merger with EnviroTech, several newly created sales positions have become available. The newly merged company will no longer sell only cleaning products, but will we also provide full-service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry. These newly formed sales positions will be responsible for understanding the technical aspects of how our products works as well as the legal, environmental, safety, ethical and regulatory issues that affect sanitation and cleaning in the healthcare setting. The new sales team will help in the development of customized packages of cleaning solutions and systems to meet the clients’ needs. The job analysis method that will be used to ensure the successful implementation of the new sales team is the Continuous Observation and Questionnaire method. The Continuous Observation method involves observing a job over a period of time. This method observes the worker, recording what the worker does, how the work is done, and how long it takes. Since this is a newly formed position, creating a clear and concise job description will take time and adjustments may have to be made. The structured questionnaire method uses an inventory of tasks to help identify the job requirements and duties as related to the job. This method will be useful because it will help identify additional information such as how much time is spent on the task, the amount of supervision required, and the expertise required as the position transcends and develops over time with specific job related questions answered by the end-user. The main duties and job specifications that have been identified thus far for the new sales positions are as follows: Sales Representative Duties: • Develops a database of prospect leads through referrals, networking, cold calling, and Internet
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