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Career Development Plan Shaun Hagler MN 501: Advanced Nursing Roles Cynthia Leffel December 16, 2014 The work of a nurse is never finished (Kim, et al, 2014). When the doctor is busy, the nurse has to care for the patient as best as he or she has the knowledge. Then when the doctor is able to attend to the patient, the patient might as well pay the co-pay and office visit to the nurse who actually attended to the patient. Thus, this is where the famous nurse practitioner comes into play; making the decisions for the patient and providing the care to the patient while the doctor is away. This is why I want to be a nurse practitioner. I will explain my goals and aspirations here in this article. Educational Breakdown The nurse practitioner has so much more education than the average nurse. A nurse practitioner has to attend school for an additional two or four years to achieve a minimum of a Master's Degree in nursing in order sit for the licensure test (Maclaine, 2009, p.1). Some states require that the nurse practitioner have a Doctorate in nursing before they can sit for the licensure exam. I for one am not this educated or qualified at this time. However, I soon will be trained and qualified for this position. I only have a Bachelor's Degree in nursing and have not completed a Master's Degree at this time. I do have the knowledge to be a nurse. I know how to care for the patients, as well as, how to monitor for specific signs and symptoms for each disease process, but I do not know all of the required treatments and diagnostic test for each of these disease processes. As a nurse practitioner, I will have the knowledge of which test will show this disease in the patient's body and this procedure or this medication will treat the ill effects of the disease. By attending the Master's Degree program- Family Nurse Practitioner specialty program, I will gain

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