Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan III An organizations success can be measured by many factors. How successful an organization is will be dependent upon the strength of the management or leadership in place. An organization must have the appropriate personnel in place to handle the needs of the business. Effectively structuring an organization is pertinent to planning for competition, maintaining and growing the business, and maintaining customer satisfaction. Kathy Kudler was able to pursue her dream and open a gourmet food store. The company has reached an integral point and it has become necessary to realign the organization to ensure its continued success. Kathy has been very hands on within the organization and assumes many of the tasks in her company. Because Kathy is handling primarily all responsibilities, it’s necessary to hire additional personnel to assume key positions within the company. This will allow Kathy the opportunity to focus more on customer interaction, which has been identified as a strength of the company. During this realignment, appointed mid-level management will hire the personnel, develop a training plan to enhance the skills of existing workforce and new hires, outline performance expectations and measurements, determine incentives and benefits packages, and a create a compensation plan. Job Descriptions Job descriptions are essential when creating positions. They are required for recruitment so the employer and the employee can understand the role. They are necessary for all people in work and they define a person’s role and accountability. Without a job description, a person cannot commit to, or be held accountable for, a role (Business Balls, 2009). Inventory Control Supervisor Because of the time required to complete the ordering for each of the stores, the first recommendation is to hire an Inventory Control and Purchasing

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