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Career Development Plan Adam Duarte MHC/501 University of Phoenix February, 01 2010 Introduction The new Department Marketing Job Descriptions Director of marketing Direct Marketing and Design new strategy and ideas to reach and retains more clients on our branches and website store. Duties 1. Upgrade and create new goals to improve public relationship and communication. 2. Manage the marketing team in all functions and reports 3. Elaborate Reports and review with management. 4. Setup and Launch a yearly and monthly market campaign include all branches. 5. Look after cost, and be ready for a financial assistance 6. Encourage the market team for high-level of performance. Qualifications: BA –Bachelor in Administration concentration in Marketing, MBA preferred, no experience is necessary but, 2 years experience is preferred, good attitude, ready to work in a competitive environment. Assistant of Product Give daily reports of all market analysis, showing prices, competitive reviews, check proposals and discuss with management. Duties 1. Develop Review Product Requirement with quality control and laws. 2. Establish Position Proofing and verify opportunities and changes. 3. Delineate Product Lifestyle 4. Review sales support with Management. 5. Research product for competitive Analysis and create reports for management decisions. Qualifications: Associate degree in marketing, BA is preferred, proficient with MS office for reports and Analysis, experience is not required but 2 year experience on the related field is preferred. Assistant of Communications It processes the public relationship meetings, explain the analysis to management, create and promote shows. Duties 1. Expand Corporate Public Relations structured a bridge between community and Kudler Fine Foods. 2. Promote and Advertising the company and all products and

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