Career Development Plan

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MY OWN CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROCESS INTRODUCTION: Career means a course of achievement within a profession. But from present point of view career referred to a professional occupation yielding both money and a respected position in which one could advance. So career development is the process of managing life, learning and work to be successful. It includes the variety of work roles which I undertake throughout my lifetime. Making a successful plan for my future is a continuous process through which I will go through many times. Regardless of class year, I may jump in at whatever point is relevant to me. I may be working on two stages at once THE PATHWAY: The pathway to good decision making and successful life management typically involves the following six stages: 1. Making a self assessment 2. Conducting an environmental analysis 3. Setting objectives 4. Discovering a range of opportunities 5. Implementing an action plan 6. Evaluating progress MAKING A SELF ASSESMENT: Knowing me is the most critical step in making appropriate life choices. The better I understand myself and the better I can articulate my strengths to others, the better career decisions I will make. In deciding upon a career, it is typically recommended that I reflect on and define myself: • Attitudes and values • Personality • Skills and abilities • Interests After I have compiled a detailed Personal Profile, some clear options will emerge for me. It's important to remember that the self-exploration process does not necessarily point me to a specific job, but rather to potential fields of interest that I can investigate more closely during the Career Exploration phase. It suggests
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