Career Development Plan

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Development of a Training and Mentoring Program Jane Doe Human Capital Management 531 Dr. Sharla Walker July 13, 2009 Career Development 2 Development of Training and Mentoring Program at InterClean is very vital for the company. With this program the employee has a chance to get to know everyone and also a chance for the employee to get the best training he or she needs to be successful at InterClean. The company would like to make sure that the employees have extensive training that will give them a feel of what is going on within the company. The company wants to set up the employees to have a long productive future ahead of them and does not like sending someone out on the job without the training they need. Also it is important that the employees at InterClean have the necessary mentoring to help them succeed as outstanding workers. Having someone who has way more experience taking them under their wing can help greatly with the job at hand. At InterClean employees will have to complete the training and mentoring program. Mentoring is a one-to-one process of helping individuals to learn and develop and takes a longer-term perspective which focuses on the person's career and their development. ( Tabbron 1997 ). Many may benefit from having a experienced colleague show them the ropes of the company. As any new job may seem overwhelming for a person to experience, having that person to go to is beneficial for the growth of the employee. And it may not be just the mentee who gains from the mentoring. Mentors gain from the relationship too widening their network of contacts and gaining insights into the issues faced by their staff and colleagues. A

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