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Career Development Plan Summary Samantha Cox Human Capital Management/531 Instructor: Akilah A. Bradford February 23, 2011 SPLIC Memo To: William Kreide C.E.O From: Samantha Cox Date: February 23, 2011 Re: Career Development Plan Summary Samantha Professional Liability Insurance Company (SPLIC) is a one line insurance carrier that provides malpractice insurance for Illinois attorneys. As the Vice President of Underwriting, I will assist in hiring five new employees to help our rapidly expanding company that is shifting to a more flat organization. We will hire a senior underwriter, underwriter assistant, underwriting manager, sales account manager, and a file clerk. Senior Underwriter Job Description An underwriter’s primary job is to assess risk based on an applicants completed application. Once the risk has been assessed the underwriter will use the company’s rating system to compose a quote. The Underwriter will quote both renewal applications and new business applications. In addition to rating quotes the senior underwriter is also responsible for reviewing and analyzing several monthly reports. These reports will aid the senior underwriter in preparation for mailing out renewal applications. The senior underwriter will determine if an applicant should receive full application or short form application for low risk insureds. The senior underwriter will compose letters for insureds including: nonrenewal letters, over 30% percent increase in premium letters and increase in deductible letters. The senior underwriter must maintain correspondence with insureds and provide excellent customer service. The senior underwriter is also required to attend monthly underwriting committee meetings and is expected to help the underwriting manager train and coach new underwriters. A senior underwriter must have a bachelor’s degree

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