Career Development of a Therapist Essay

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Career Development of a Therapist Career development is an integral part of an individual’s developmental experiences, as well as a process that encompasses the whole life span (e.g., Herr, 1996: Super, 1990; Vondrack, Lerner, & Schulenberg, 1986). Career development involves more than a single or multiple decisions in which an individual decides on which occupations to choose or jobs to apply. It involves stages of developmental across the life span, and the development of skills, values, and characteristics related to career attainment, advancement and satisfaction. Career planning and life planning are inter-related process. Career goals should be consistent with one’s life goals. According to Bhaerman’s (1988), career development plan is one’s “Personal plan of action – individualized career development plans – are becoming instruments that counselors and others are using . . . to implement and monitor their career development” (p. 1). There are four basic characteristics that should be included in a individualize career development plan: (1). Comprehensive that will include goals, identity competencies, aptitudes, interest, and values (2). Developmental that is ongoing which is designed to be continually addressed during your life span (3). Person-centered, this is a personalized plan that is person center and also was directed by your personalized development and (4). Competency based on your skills, knowledge, education, work experience. Among the developmental theories of career development, the theory by Super has received the most attention and support from empirical research (Savickas, 1994a). Two components of Super’s theory, his stage model and his notion of life’s roles are examined. Super (1969, 1990). Suggest career choice and development is essentially a process of developing and implementing a person’s self-concept. Super’s

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