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Business and Professional Studies BTEC 90 Credit/Extended Diploma in IT Unit 15: Development Planning for a Career in IT & Business. Assignment Brief. Before starting work please ensure that you have read the notes at the end of this assignment brief. Please read this brief in conjunction with the unit specification, which can be found on Moodle. Task 1 – Hand in 02 December 2013 P1. This task requires you to investigate sources of information which will help you with your career planning. You will need to put together an information booklet which: 1. Identifies and describes each of the different sources of information that are available to access career related information and say what type of information each source can offer anyone looking for career advice. Include real examples to support your information. (P1). Content to be covered for this task: Sources of information: Connexions; Learning and Skills Councils (England only) (Skills Funding Agency from 2010 – England only); job centres; careers service (university, college, school); interviews; career fairs; recruitment fairs; websites; human resource departments; visiting speakers; work experience; newspapers; trade and specialist journals Types of information: career-advice; computer accessed information, eg CASCAiD’s Kudos software, websites; published information eg newspaper articles, job advertisements, journal articles, company career packs, university and college prospectuses; qualification information eg HNDs, degrees, foundation degrees, National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ); vocational qualifications (VQ); occupational qualifications; general qualifications; methods of learning; on-the-job training; off-the-job training; eLearning. Grading Criteria. Task 2 – Hand in 14 October 2013 P2, P3, P4, M1, M2. This task

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