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For those wanting to pursue a career in dentistry, it is a very promising career in the long run. And easy ways to advance in the dental world are to acquire a couple skills known to be competency and implicit but sharp knowledge of the profession. As you all may know a lot of professions have their own general differences and obstacles on a daily basis. But it's how you handle the undue stress which dictates if it effects your career progression or not. But don’t get it mistaken though, dentistry is a very challenging but novice career after the hard work has paid off. Plus there are a lot of different specialties and aspects of dentistry that can accommodate your interests. The jobs range from dentists to dental assistants to treatment coordinators…show more content…
It pointed out some very intrinsic but very beneficial facts about some skills you’ll need to move up in the dental field. As mentioned by the institute "Manual dexterity is important in order to handle the instruments and navigate within the patient’s mouth. Your career advancement is intimately tied to your willingness and ability to learn." (2009 pg.18). Right now in America dental assisting is very novice to get into and learn but you require a lot of attention to detail and schooling. Like I said competence plays a big role in the dental field and if you're not familiar or proficient in your required skills and the aspect of your job, you can become expendable. You have to be willing to learn and do more and build more credentials. Therefore if you like kids you can become a pediatric assistant or if you’re into surgeries you can become an oral surgery assistant but if you just like general dentistry then a regular dental assistant is more your forte. I know what you’re thinking though, why haven’t I mentioned anything about being a dentist, well to become a dentist it’s going to require more education and long years of training. It’s well worth it though. As I scanned the internet ran across some more information on a website called I…show more content…
Like I said, “at the end of the day if you want to become successful in the dental world its gone require a lot of hard work and discipline which will very well pay off when all said and done”. It’s not for everybody but it is a very fine skill to uphold if you do decide to do anything in medical or dental, if you’re infatuated with teeth and love being around people then this is a career of choice I would recommend to you. I myself have been practicing dental assisting for the past five years and it’s been nothing but good to me. Now I’m a certified dental assistant and I can go anywhere with my certifications and current trainings and work anywhere in the U.S. if there’s positions available. For those potential dentist and dental assistants, this is a very lucrative profession to indulge in and the things you learn will only help you develop yourself as a professional and an individual. So if you’re up to the challenge, bring you’re a

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