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A very interesting and significant career in the world today is that of a cellular biologist. Cellular biologists basically work on the study of cells, including their function, systems, structure and interactions with living organisms. Very often, they will work for a university through a government grant or work for a private university, studying cells in order to make advancements in the medical field. These scientists are usually the ones that generate breakthroughs in the understating of the human cell, thus leading to improvements in the quality of life for those that can afford the new types of medicines and therapies. When they are at work, these scientists need to be highly motivated as their work can be very difficult and yield many, many failures before success. These scientists generally work for universities. If these are public universities (UT Southwestern) they will not receive as much salary or as much funding compared to a private university (The Medical Institution of Harvard University) generally speaking. Sometimes, however, they can be hired by a company or corporation. Cellular biologists work in laboratories, and therefore the laboratories will be provided by the university or corporation. Typically, these scientists will go to work on daily basis at the laboratory provided to them by their funder. The majority of a Cellular biologists performance expectation will be to perform experiments at the lab in order to characterize cellular function, the goal in being that they obtain information to create therapeutics (medicines, surgeries, etc) for diseases/disorders of interest. Generally, this will require them to manipulate RNA & DNA in order to achieve changes in these cells. Upon completing this momentous task, they will be expected to analyze, interpret and summarize data. They will have to prepare this data for presentation and

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