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Tim Donegan EXPW 1022 7 December 2010 “Start of a Career” Tim Donegan EXPW 1022 7 December 2010 The Start of a Career Everyone around Tennessee Tech has heard of Tim Donegan for some good reasons and some bad. Whether people like me or whether they don’t that does not change who I am as a person. I grew up in many places, I was born in St. Louis Missouri, and moved around as a kid from Cincinnati, to Dallas and to my current home in Franklin, Tn. I grew up playing baseball and my dad worked for professional baseball teams so I lived the “dream life.” I was a Catcher and got trained by Pudge Rodriguez and I loved every minute of it. After sixth grade my dad told me that we would be moving to Nashville, Tennessee so he can take a new job. My first thought was what baseball team plays there?? My dad had taken a job running Opry Mills Mall and it was a big change for me and I attributed that to me not playing baseball anymore. Moving from school to school was rough for me. I moved to Dallas in the middle of third grade and moved to Nashville in the middle of 7th grade so I got used to being the “New Kid.” Being the new kid with my personality is not an easy thing and I have never learned how to master the skill. I am outgoing, loud, and funny and at times and many people take that as being annoying, but I feel this part of my personality is the best asset I have to succeed in life because I am a person who is not afraid to talk to anyone. I will not change for anyone no matter what people say about me because I don’t want to be normal, or like anyone else because that is boring. More importantly this is what has driven me the most to succeed. I’ve been told my whole life what I can and cannot do. I cant fit in, I need to be quieter, I’m to small to be a strength coach, kickers are lazy, kickers don’t do anything in football, kickers aren’t even real

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