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Support Individuals to Eat and Drink To support my service user to eat or drink I first of all check their Care plan and any risk assessments regarding Mrs X's dietry needs prior to establishing the food or drink they wish to consume. Also by checking their plan of care I can understand if Mrs X has any special dietry requirements for her nutritional needs, any choices and preferences that may be followed and if Mrs X has a religious belief that may influence her dietry intake. I prepared the dining room earlier with another staff member ensuring their were clean table cloths on the tables and vases of flowers on each table, also with relaxing music on a low tone with all clean cutlery, cups and plates set out efficiently, so that the environment is conductive and homely for diners to fulfil an enjoyable dining experience. From reading the notes in my service users care plan it details that Mrs X prefers to sit by the radio as the soothing music playing in the back round makes it more of an enjoyable experience throughout meal times and encourages her to fulfil her nutritional needs. I would then assist Mrs X to the dining room offering her a choice of where she would like to be seated, adjusting the seat so she is comfortable and closely in to the table. To provide dignity for spillages Mrs X prefers to wear a dignity apron throughout meal times and have her hands washed prior to beginning her meal. Following this, I make sure my own hair is tied back maintaining a good standard of hygiene and thoroughly washing and drying my hands. Ensuring that Infection Control is being followed, I then apply a blue disposable apron before assisting Mrs X with her meal. Wherever possible I allow Mrs X to be in control of the meal, offering a choice of the menu appropriate to her dietry needs and what she would prefer to drink. I position myself slightly to the

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