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The University of Hong Kong School of Nursing Program name: Bachelor of Nursing Programme (Full-time) • Course name: NURS2201_1A_2013 • Title of the paper: Nursing Care Plan • Student name: Tsang Tsz Ting • Student number: 3035036656 • Date of submission: 25-11-2013 The University of Hong Kong School of Nursing Nursing Care Plan Name of Client: ______Mr Ho__________ Age: _48__ Sex: ___M___ Student I.D.: 3035036656 Medical Diagnosis: _Diabetes_ Diagnostic statement (PES): Deficient fluid volume related to hyperglycemia and polyuria as evidence by dryness of mouth and lip and fatigue and vomiting |Assessment |Nursing diagnosis |Goals & expected outcomes |Nursing interventions |Rationale |Method of Evaluation | |Subjective data: |Problem: |Goals: |Monitor vital signs of patient with |Weakness of pulse and high pulse rate | Evaluate patient’s nutritional| |Patient feels dryness of mouth and lip |Deficient fluid volume |Patient will have normal fluid volume by |deficient fluid volume every 4 hours |are signs of deficient fluid volume |status by charting I/O each | |all the time, and feels weak and tires | |the time of discharge. |Monitor patient’s fluid intake, ensure at |Appropriate fluid intake can maintain |shift during hospitalization | |easily. He had frequent urination. He |Etiology: |Expected outcomes: |lease 1500 -2000mL every 24 hours. |fluid balance |Evaluate patient’s vital signs | |complained of headache, weaknesses,

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