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CARE PLAN SERVICE USER PROFILE NAME: Nicky James AGE: 43 GENDER: Female LIFESTYLE: Drinking and smoking HEALTH ISSUES: she is suffering from heart disease. FAMILY HISTORY: There is no family history of heart disease. Her father died naturally though he was a heavy smoker and her mother died of diabetes. SUPPORT SERVICES: * Advice from GP: To remind the patient to take his/her medication regularly and make sure that they don’t miss any check-ups * Occupational health therapist The patient needs support and encouragement in order to learn how to cope with the stress of adjusting to a new lifestyle and deal with fears about the future. * Dietician; their responsibilities is to guide you and through the types of food and nutrients you need to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. * District Nurse: They support patient by visiting them in their own home and providing increasing complex care for them. ROUTINE DAY TO DAY CARE PATIENT GOALS: * Be physically active Consume alcohol in moderation: too much alcohol can damage your heart muscle which will cause heart attack. * Reduce smoking, if possible quit: Smoking hurts your heart. The more you smoke, the higher your risk. For example about half of all heart attacks in women are due to smoking! And, if you smoke and also take birth control pills, you are at even higher risk. * Eat healthy and balanced diet * Keep your blood pressure under control. * Maintain a healthy body weight Reduce/control Learn to manage stress. If you work in a stressful environment, find ways of coping with bad tempered employees or demanding supervisors, Try to take frequent breaks to escape tensions whenever possible. * emotional and mental stress: EXCERSISE PLAN: Our body is meant to be energetic. Exercise give a boost to the heart muscle, increases blood movement,

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