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Introduction Mary is a 65 year old woman who has recently been hospitalized with a leg ulcer she is agitated, restless and prone to wandering into unsafe areas. Mary would rather be at home where she lives alone with her cats. Mary also has hygiene problems and is not at her ideal weight. When Mary was admitted to hospital I was part of the team on duty, we assessed Mary’s holistic needs and made out a care plan from our findings. Holistic needs  It’s important to assess Mary’s holistic needs as everyone is different. A holistic assessment gives a great insight into how Mary come to this state and how we can improve her health and well being. I used the following headings to assess Mary’s condition. Physical - the ulcer Mary has on her leg may cause her discomfort in getting dressed, washed and her weight will be addressed. Intellectual - Mary’s condition will be explained to her along with her care plan. Social - Mary has no family or friends and she has had little contact with people over the last few years, we will try to help her become more social around people. Economical - Mary is on a low income and has a limited medical card, grants will be discussed with Mary. Emotional - Mary is restless quite and wants to go home to her cats, it’s important to keep Mary clam and comfortable at all times as she is prone to wandering. Spiritual - Mary is catholic her whole life and still prays everyday. Team Care Plan Using the holistic heading we can work on a care plan with team members, we will address marys spiritual, social,dietary and emotional needs Marys wandering and the care of her wound due to her leg ulcer will also be addressed. Everyone will have a part to play in the care of Mary’s needs. Health care assistants will need

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